Rating: 4/5

Genre: Fantasy

No. Pages: 699

ISBN: 9781905294848

Inkdeath picks up where Inkspell left off with the immortal Adderhead in control. Life is taking a turn for the worse and it feels like all hope is lost, particulary with Dustfinger dead. Will the Adderhead ever be defeated?

Out of the 3 books in this trilogy, I like the cover of Inkdeath the most which is fitting since this is my favourite book of the 3 as well.

The plot of this book is a bit more exciting and interesting than the previous 2 books. A lot is happening and there are a lot of plot twists which can never be a bad thing. There is more exploration of how multiple writers can influence this story and questions who is really in control of it, if anyone. This is particularly interesting as both Fenoglio and Orpheus are trying their utmost to influence the story, each with their own very different aims.

The character development is very good and I enjoyed reading about characters who are changing so much. A lot of depth is added to Resa who felt a little flat in the previous book and the blurred lines between Mo and the Bluejay is developed further.

Funke also plays around with the concept of death and uses the mysterious white women to help with this. Even after finishing reading these books, the white women remain shrouded in a layer of mystery which I like. Death is a very prominent theme in this book and a clear explanation of it will never be possible, just as it won’t be in reality.

Finally and most importantly, the ending was very satisfying and left no loose ends. I don’t want to say much more than this because of spoilers, but once I finished this book before going to bed, I could go to sleep feeling very content.

Have you read Inkdeath or the other books in this trilogy? What did you think of it? 🙂