Rating: 4/5

Genre: Fantasy

No. Pages: 675

ISBN: 9781904442837

One year has passed since the events of Inkheart occurred and Meggie is enchanted with the idea of exploring the world inside a book, or more specifically, the world inside Inkheart. Dustfinger, on the other hand, remains desperate to return home and begins a sequence of events which leads everyone being transported behind the pages.

I definitely enjoyed Inkspell more than I did Inkheart. I think that Inkheart felt a little more enclosed than Inkspell, partly due to the increased variety of settings in this second book. It gave Funke the opportunity to develop the characters more and in locations that had different meanings to them than in Inkheart. I enjoyed getting to know everyone better and felt that as a reader, I had more of a connection to them.

In addition to this, the plot was a lot more interesting as well. Funke did a lot more with the characters and revealed things about them which made me glad that the story did not have to end with Inkheart as the Inkworld definitely needed exploring more. If you’re curious about the idea of book-ception (a story within a story) then this book is definitely worth a read. A multitude of new characters, each with their own past, help to really bring the Inkworld to life and give it some depth, which really drew me into it.

Inkspell felt like a significantly longer read although a lot more does happen in this book. The plot still felt predictable but there were small revealings about different characters which made up for this. This predictability felt comfortable and familiar rather than ruining the book for me which came from getting to know all of the characters a lot better. Dustfinger remains my favourite and Inkspell definitely reinforced his likeability.

I am looking forward to finishing this trilogy and would definitely recommend it based on the first two books alone!

Have you read Inkspell? What did you think of it? 🙂