Rating: 3/5

Genre: Fantasy

No. Pages: 429

ISBN: 9780008179991

Note: This book contains graphic scenes of sex and violence so this book is not suitable for younger readers.

Mia Corvere is the daughter of a murdered traitor who barely escapes from her father’s failed rebellion. She decides to take her revenge on her father’s killers but to do so she must train to become the deadliest assassin. This is easier said than done when her time at the Red Church could end with her own death.

I started off feeling very unsure about this book. It took me a while to get into it and get to grips with this new world and its many details. This wasn’t helped by the many footnotes throughout the book which was quite annoying. Why could they not be incorporated into the main text and save me having to constantly skip to the bottom of the page mid-paragraph? The writing style is also a bit strange and very wordy. Some of the metaphors and similes didn’t make sense but if you can get past this, then the actual story is enjoyable.

I liked that Mia Corvere, is a strong, female protagonist but there were occasions where she becomes really unlikable. Although I found that this was the case with most of the characters and Tric is the only one I liked the entire way through. However, the book is about a group of assassins so realistically, these people should not be liked anyway so maybe this is a good thing afterall.

The descriptions are convincing and graphic and considering the story is centred around murder, they put a satisfyingly dark twist on the story which I wasn’t entirely sure would be pulled off.

Whilst I’m not going to be counting down the days until the release of the sequel, I will be buying the next book when it’s released. The concept of the book is too interesting not to know what will happen next.

Have you read Nevernight? What did you think of it? 🙂