Rating: 4/5

Genre: Fantasy

No. Pages: 396

ISBN:  0007137346

The Destroyer, previously bound and buried under a hill, is being freed from its prison by Hedge the necromancer. Sam’s friend, Nicholas, is assisting the Destroyer and the King and Abhorsen are absent. Lirael, Sam, the Disreputable Dog and Mogget must find a way to stop him.

Abhorsen follows very swiftly on from Lirael and I was glad to have a copy available to read as soon as I finished Lirael. This book continued to grip me just as Lirael did and it was really good to see both characters of Lirael and Sam continue to grow and develop. Having not liked Sam very much in the beginning, I had grown attached to him by the end of Abhorsen.

The pace of the book moves very quickly in the race to prevent The Destroyer from, well, destroying everything. Compared to Sabriel, which is also very adventure oriented, I much preferred Abhorsen because the characters are better developed and the potential for the end of everything seemed more alarming.

We finally get to see all nine gates of Death which is fascinating considering I am in love with Nix’s concept of Death in these books. He manages to balance Life and Death really well, letting them overlap seamlessly.

As a conclusion to the Old Kingdom trilogy, it was really good. The build-up was excellent and I never felt like it was progressing too slowly. In some ways it was a bit predictable in that you can tell which characters will have a prominent role in the conclusion but you don’t necessarily know how until you read it.

Have you read Abhorsen? What did you think of it? 🙂