6326We recently celebrated 100 years of Roald Dahl and whilst I loved his children’s books, I hadn’t realised that he had written a lot of short stories for adults as well. If you remove Quentin Blake’s beautiful illustrations from Dahl’s children’s books, the actual prose is a lot darker than you would have thought. I quite enjoy this darkness as it adds something a little bit different and controversial. With children’s books the stories can’t be too twisted, so I am looking forward to eventually getting to read Dahl’s adult stories.

He wrote 4 books of short stories: Over To You, Kiss Kiss, Someone Like You and Switch Bitch. These are combined in one volume called Collected Stories.

Roald Dahl is a controversial person but I don’t believe that books should be judged by their author or vice versa. His children’s books are undeniably good as proven by the number of books he still sells every year and I hope that I will enjoy his adult stories just as much, if not more.