This was one of the first fantasy novels I read which was set in an entirely different world. A lot of people complain about this series because they think it’s a rip off of Lord of the Rings, but I read this having never read Tolkein’s work or knowing anything about the story (and I still don’t) so I don’t really care much for this criticism.

The world that Paolini conjured up really captured my imagination, particularly the aspect surrounding the dragons. Whenever I read these books, I can never put them down. I get completely sucked into this different universe with magic and elves and dwarves and I’m tempted to read them again soon having written this.

Originally supposed to be the Inheritance trilogy, Paolini had to split the last book into 2 in order to fit all of the story in which meant having to wait even longer to know what happened in the end. Without introducing any spoilers, I was disappointing with how Paolini wrapped up the romantic sub-plot between Eragon and his love interest. But aside from that, I was left mostly satisfied with the ending.

Have you read The Inheritance Cycle? What did you think of it? 🙂