Rating: 4/5

Genre: Non-Fiction

No. Pages: 282

ISBN: 9781447259947

Chris Hadfield is a retired Canadian astronaut who made his childhood dream come true and became an astronaut. He is the first Canadian to walk in space and this book documents how he made it as well as some of his achievements along the way.

I personally found this book to be inspiring and it speaks about achieving the impossible through a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Hadfield talks of the mindset he adopted and the lessons he learns which can be applicable to most people who want to be successful regardless of what they do. It also reveals a lot about the path to becoming an astronaut. Hadfield demonstrates just how difficult it actually is, and the type of person you need to be to become one.

It’s important to note that this book is mainly about life lessons interspersed with various accounts of Hadfield’s experiences when training to be an astronaut and living in space. I enjoyed the descriptions of life on the ISS and Hadfield does talk a lot about this which gives a great insight into what it’s really like up there. In addition, there’s a lot of mention about the Soyuz rocket and of course the space shuttle in which Hadfield spent time in both in his time as an astronaut. These fascinating accounts about his experiences as an astronaut strikes a nice balance with what could have been a book that preaches about how to be a successful person.

Have you read An Astronaut’s Guide To Life On Earth? What did you think? 🙂