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I found these books when looking for something with a good dose of magic in that was a bit more adult-y.

They follow Quentin Coldwater, a maths genius, who is slightly obsessed with set of children’s books set in a fantasy land called Fillory (pronounced fill-oh-ree). He never feels like he belongs anywhere and feels pretty miserable about this. So when he gets accepted into a magic school, things start to look up for him. But soon enough, he finds out that there’s a darker side to his beloved Fillory.

There is a big notion that these books are “Harry Potter for grown-ups.” Firstly, no book should have that label stuck on the cover. In my opinion, that’s just a sales tactic. Secondly, I would describe them as being more like Harry Potter crossed with Narnia but with a lot more sex and alcohol, so I wouldn’t deem these to be children’s books. The Magicians trilogy is only similar to Harry Potter in that there’s magic and a magic school but Grossman’s magic works very differently to Potter magic.

I didn’t like all of the characters and some mildly annoyed me (including the protagonist, Quentin) at times. Although I think this is because I always want a happy ending whereas characters’ actions aren’t always well-intended, even if they have justifiable and believable motives.

I never found a lack of imagination in these books and to me, the ending just made sense. Anything else would not have made the characters involved happy, which is always satisfying.

Have you read The Magicians? What did you think? 🙂