Rating: 2/5

Genre: Play, Fantasy

No. pages: 330

ISBN: 9780751565355

Having grown up reading the Harry Potter books, I was very apprehensive when I heard that there would be an eighth and final Potter story. Especially when I realised that the script was not actually written by Rowling herself.

I imagine that watching the play in London would be pretty good, judging from the pictures I’ve seen, and I wouldn’t say no to going to see it. But based solely on the script and the storyline itself, it didn’t seem like the real deal it was made out to be. It didn’t feel like an actual Harry Potter story and I was a bit disappointed with the result. In my opinion, Harry Potter’s story should have ended with The Deathly Hallows.

What made it better than it would have been otherwise, is that it allowed me to once again be a part of the magical world. But I wouldn’t say that this is necessarily a good thing. There were a lot of things wrong with The Cursed Child from the plot to the sometimes cringe-worthy writing. For instance, Hermione’s reference to Harry as “my old friend.” And then there’s Scorpius thanking Snape: “thank you for being my light in the darkness.”

Although The Cursed Child was a way to reconnect with old characters, I didn’t think they came across how they should have done. I wasn’t convinced that what they were saying or doing was true to their character. However I did like Ginny and McGonagall, particularly Ginny who wasn’t presented well in the films. But again, it’s a play and with very few stage directions, it’s hard to imagine how actors would present it which is probably very different to how I imagined.

Without including any spoilers, some of the character’s motives were weak and disappointing. Additionally, they brought back some things such as polyjuice potion, which seemed a bit repetitive.

Overall, I felt The Cursed Child is written more like a fan-fic in which the authors know very little about the characters or the world they’re trying to write about. To me, neither the plot nor the characters were particularly convincing and deeming it to be “The Eight Potter Story” seems to be more of a money-spinner than anything else.